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For a long time we have strived to offer our customers exceptional orchid species from offspring. Our stock is supplemented by interesting companion plants from the corresponding orchid regions.
You can see many of the species in our gallery (new since 2021). The genus Aerangis is almost complete, others will gradually be added. At the moment I was able to check and identify some rarer Aeranthes and Jumellea species more closely. For example, my plant, which was traded as J.francoisii for a long time, turned out to be J.spathulata. There was also a surprise with my Angcm.mauritianum. These turned out to be the magnificent Angcm.tamonii (see gallery).
Please select your orders from our current orchid list. You can find this as a PDF file on the right-hand navigation bar under Download. Send your orders to our email address berndjunginger@t-online.de
Please understand that we can only process inquiries with your delivery address. We definitely look forward to hearing from you again.

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Current favorite plant

Cryptopus elatus

Are you looking for new and interesting plants for your orchid collection? In our constantly updated list of orchids you will find a wide selection of what makes orchid friends' hearts beat faster. One focus of our range is the African orchids, which we have been successfully cultivating in our own breeding company for decades and are constantly developing and expanding our range. So it's always worth checking in with us. Well-founded knowledge of the matter and our breeding experience are your plus point for security when buying orchids. Rely on original breeds from experts, because your advantage is our profession!